About Vintage Stock

Welcome to Vintage Stock Pictures.


My name is Paul and I am the owner and creator of this site. The photographs, drawings and illustrations published here are part of my own modest collection of copyright free, public domain images that I have curated from the Internet. A photographer by trade, I have had a long-standing interest in photography for many years, collecting photographs from many different sources. I have decided to share some of the pictures I have curated on this website with others with similar interests. I will post at least one picture every day. As soon as I can get around to it I will create a link page here listing good sources for public domain and copyright free pictures. 


All of the images here are free from any copyright restrictions and are in the public domain. You are free to use them as you wish. Perhaps for your personal blog or website. Your next presentation, or you are simply looking for your next cool desktop background or wallpaper. Or, you are simply looking for some creative inspiration. Whatever the reason for your visit, have a browse through the site. I am sure you will find something that piques your interest. If you would like to get in touch, please do, via the contact page.


If you would like to find out more about copyright free pictures, the public domain and creative commons, I would suggest you start here and check out the links at the bottom of the page under the Public Domain, Creative Commons and Copyright Free Resources section. I make every effort to check the copyright status of every image on these pages and where possible I credit the image creator and/or the source.  


Public Domain Images